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discord and hyperbole


Posted on Jun 29, 2019

Hi. Some call me Tim.

A little about me:

I am a technologist with a love of learning, and like to think of myself as a producer of complex, creative knowledge work. As a technical leader and architect, I am currently working on software to make academic clinical trials more accessible and effective. Over the 20 years that I have worked with technology in higher education, academic research, and clinical trials, I have come to realize that I enjoy building teams as much as building products and developing strategy as much as I enjoy developing applications. My expertise includes project management, people management, design, development, and analysis. I like to think of myself as a boundary spanner: I understand what is important to other teams and learn enough about it to work effectively with them. This applies to the customers whose needs we are working to meet as well as the teams with whom we are collaborating to deliver on those needs.

I am a technically sophisticated and collaboration oriented professional looking to solve wicked problems. I am particularly interested in roles involving data analytics, resilience engineering, ai, technical leadership, or architecture. If those involve doing work that serves the public good, all the better.

Skills and Interests: